Please take a minute to enjoy the finer side of being pampered. Walk into my dimly lit massage room and forget the troubles of yesterday. Lay gently into my massaging table and feel comfortable telling me exactly how you would like me to rub down your every last muscle. I am an experienced Las Vegas massage therapist that knows how to please each muscle either with hard rub downs or light caresses. Knowing that stress can build from the inside I strive to help work it all out.Massage Las Vegas

You will have access to your own private bathroom to use at your descretion before or after your massage, which ever makes you comfortable.

Massage Las Vegas

I strive to differentiate myself from your typical Las Vegas Massage. With me, there is not: "quick lay down", "quick get ready" and "quick leave". I am on a personal level with all of my clients and usually my sessions may go over their allotted time. I am not in a hurry to see you go and I want you to feel welcome not only during your massage but before and after.

Escape Your Reality

In my upscale luxurious location you will be pampered to your hearts content. Ask and you shall receive. I am believer in ensuring my clients are taken in and given the most enjoyable massage they have experienced. My strong hands work over every part of your body and slowly take the stress away in a very private upscale location.

Massage Las Vegas

Serenity During your Massage

I am sure to give attention and detail to every sore or aching part of your body. I keep the communication open during our session so you feel like you can tell me if any thing feels exceptionally good or if I need to give special attention to any specific parts of your body. This helps to ensure your happiness and never leaves you wishing I would have done anything different.

All you have to do is ask.


Stress from your everyday life can disappear once you walk through the door, every step in is another step away from life and its demands. Once you make it to my table you can get as comfortable as you see fit and then you will find yourself in the hands of a very knowledgeable and understanding masseuse. These hands will take such good care of you.